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Goldie Scott – “Mista Mystery”

Born as Stephanie Weisz, this New York-based singer and songwriter attended Syracuse University in 2018, studying TV, radio and film. However, as she was writing songs more than paying attention, she changed career paths. In 2019 she auditioned for American Idol and made it to Hollywood Week. Inspired by Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Amy Winehouse, she debuted with “Desert Queen” in 2020.

Telling the story about meeting a stranger and realizing that they’re the one from your dreams, her new single wraps the romanticism in delicious nostalgic 70s-dipped vibes. With a driving disco beat, funky wah-wah guitars and vintage synths, this tune blends the past with a modern production. And with her captivating R&B vocals, this bouncy retro groove sounds irresistibly infectious.

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Music History

Earth, Wind & Fire – “Sing A Song”

From their album “Gratitude” (1975):

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New Music

Steps – “Hard 2 Forget”

From their upcoming album “Platinum Collection”, to be released on 19 August 2022:

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