In The Spotlight

Charlie Winston – “Exile”

Born in Cornwall and raised in Suffolk, this British singer and songwriter started his career playing bass guitar for his brother Tom Baxter, as well as composing music for and performing in London-based contemporary theatre productions. In 2007 he supported Peter Gabriel on his European tour. Mostly finding his popularity in France, he’s released 6 albums, debuting with “Mischifus” in 2007.

Addressing the internal struggle of being an English artist who is popular in France, but unknown in his own country, his new single has an authentic lyrical vulnerability. Taken from his upcoming album “As I Am”, expected on August 26th, he blends a retro pop rhythm, a touch of folk and imposing orchestral violins with his stirring and emotive vocals and creates a truly magnificent sonic experience.

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Music History

Dolly Parton – “Star Of The Show”

From her album “Great Balls Of Fire” (1979):

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New Music

Gilbert O’Sullivan – “Let Me Know”

From his upcoming album “Driven”, to be released on 22 July 2022:

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