In The Spotlight

Bluey Robinson – “Southern Comfort”

Born to a Swedish mother and a British-Caribbean father in Stockholm, this soul singer and songwriter moved to London as a baby. After stumbling upon his mother’s vinyl collection, he grew up engrossed by the music of the 70s and 80s. He began uploading videos of himself busking to YouTube. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, he released his debut “Questions” in 2016.

Taking a moment to reminisce about a loving relationship and the heartbreak after it fell apart, his new single remembers the good times, while dealing with regret. Encapsulating the emotional story with a smooth, soulful melody, the song starts with a mellow acoustic guitar and his heartwarming voice. Adding a luscious piano, mild rhythm and velvety harmonies, this is a smooth soul gem.

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Music History

Colbie Caillat – “Hold On”

Added as a bonus track to her album “Gypsy Heart” (2014):

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New Music

Weezer – “Dark Enough To See The Stars”

From their EP “SZNZ: Winter” (2022):

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