In The Spotlight

Lauren Cimorelli – “Lockbox”

Hailing from California and now based in Nashville, this singer, songwriter and pianist is one of 11 children. She started writing songs and playing piano at the age of 5 and performing aged 9. Together with her sisters she forms the successful pop band Cimorelli since 2007 and toured all over the world. Inspired by Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, she released her solo debut “The Rain” in 2018.

The second in a music video series telling a whole story track by track and leading to the release of her new album “Please Stop Breaking My Heart”, expected on February 3rd, this single explores the confusion that she felt aged 20 about what she should be doing in life. With a complex instrumental layering creating an infectious pop bop, it’s her radiant vocals that turn this tune into sonic sunshine.

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