In The Spotlight

Kami Kehoe – “Break My Heart”

Based in Las Vegas, this singer, songwriter and drummer was introduced to music by her parents. She started playing drums at the tender age of 3 and fell in love with the instrument. During her teens she performed in a band with her siblings. Her drumming hero is Sheila E., but she draws inspiration for her songs from the world around her. She debuted her R&B sound on “Lovesick” in 2021.

Dealing with the emotions of still wanting an ex-lover who broke your heart, her latest single is doused in a reflective sentimentality. Creating an ear-stroking blend of 90s R&B and a sugary soul, this is a wistful, nostalgic melody. And with her heart-wrenching, soulful vocals making you feel her romantic pain, this is a touching tale, put to a poignant piece of pure majestic R&B excellence.

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