In The Spotlight

Ava Heatley – “Disillusionland”

Based in Brooklyn, New York City, this captivating singer and songwriter has been writing songs and performing since she was 13 years young. She’s taken piano and voice lessons and acted in musicals. She also attended the State University Of New York and studied music composition. Inspired by artists like Elton John, Carole King and Alanis Morissette, she debuted with “Grin And Bear It” in 2017.

Filled with an overwhelming authenticity and showing off her expert storytelling skills, her new single is a multi-layered gem. Putting her crisp piano and her passionate vocals center-stage, she tackles the topic of growing up and having to adjust the expectations of your youth. Joined by a rousing rhythm and an electric guitar, it’s the honest harmonic vocals that make you feel every word.

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