In The Spotlight

Billy Lockett – “Miss Missing You”

Born and raised in Northampton, this British singer and songwriter’s journey has been quite an eventful one. He started playing piano aged 8, but it wouldn’t be before the age of 16 that he realized it could be a career. Since then he’s toured with greats like Lana Del Rey, Lewis Capaldi and Electric Light Orchestra. Inspired by Radiohead and Massive Attack, he released his debut “Balance” in 2011.

Highlighting the human need for connection, his new single is a sultry, soulful ballad. Taken from his upcoming debut album “Abington Grove”, expected on February 17th, it’s the mellow bass line, laid-back percussion and mild piano that lay down the foundation for a heartfelt, ear-stroking melody. And with the warm tones of a gospel choir and his soul-dipped vocals, this tune is a sonic gem.

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