In The Spotlight

Bo Milli – “Good Kid”

Born as Emilie Østebø and growing up on the island of Karmøy, this Norwegian singer and songwriter started playing guitar aged 8. By 13 she was performing her own songs at gigs her older sister organised. She was raised on the music by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kate Bush, and discovered Paramore and Nirvana in her teens. Now based in Bergen, she released her debut “At The Wheel” in 2022.

Singing about needing to feel extraordinary without the need to change the world as displayed by people on TV, rather than feeling a disappointment for not living up to that ideal, her new single covers a very relatable topic. Accompanied by a lively electric guitar and a bouncy beat, it’s her fresh, compelling vocals that’ll guide you through this mighty sonic soundscape and her empathetic words.

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