In The Spotlight

Lily Moore – “Hard Days Love”

Hailing from Brighton, this British singer and songwriter has been singing since she and her brother had a pretend band when she was 3 years young. Thanks to her dad, famed guitarist Gary Moore, she grew up on blues, soul and Motown. Now London-based, she’s supported George Ezra and Tom Grennan. Inspired by Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone, she debuted with “Not That Special” in 2018.

Singing about knowing when it’s time to give up, both in love as in life, her new single is filled with honesty and deeply personal emotions. With a charming, full-bodied instrumentation, she starts with a mellow guitar and layers vivacious drums, spirited keys and soaring strings on top. And with her Duffy-esque, powerhouse vocals reaching deep in your soul, this is a jam you have to love.

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