In The Spotlight

James The Seventh – “Up There”

Born and raised in Philadelphia as Bethany Latham, this self-taught singer and songwriter started out as a ballet dancer, until a serious injury ended her career. During her recovery her father bought her a guitar, which introduced her to her new path. Named after her dads lineage and inspired by artists such as Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey and MARINA, she debuted with “You Don’t Know Me” in 2021.

Lyrically conveying the recognizable story of feeling afraid of exposing your heart, out of fear of getting hurt, her new single blends the vulnerability of her words with an infectious disco beat. With a dazzling, dancefloor-ready vibe, it’s the insatiable rhythm and fresh electric guitars carrying her airy, yet powerful vocals over the notes, that amalgamates into a sonic feast for your ears.

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