In The Spotlight

Sunset Neon – “Tonight”

Sunset Neon is a side-project by Detroit-based eclectic producer/instrumentalist Bret Autrey, better known as Blue Stahli, to explore all the different musical styles of the 80s. He has used tidbits of 80s vibes in his previous releases, but decided to explore them more in a new project, which he describes as “80s VHS music and glitchy nostalgic pop”.

His new single is brimming with pure 80s rock which would not look out of place on a movie soundtrack. It has anthemic electric guitar throughout, glorious sweltering synths and invigorating beats, giving this track a heroic quality as well as an uncontrollable urge to put on sweat bands on long permed hair and shamelessly play air-guitar.

From his upcoming debut album “Starlight”, to be released on 1 December 2017:

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