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Big Akasha – “I Know Whatcha Gonna Do”

Big Akasha is a brand new funk band based in Los Angeles, consisting of producer and songwriter Jeffrey Maccora, who is mostly known for his work with indie band Mansions On The Moon, Stephen Baumann and singer Jasmine Gatewood. Maccora created the band as  a reflection of the records he grew up loving. Their music is produced in an old-school way, with minimal edits.

The result is a debut which is a catchy and captivating funky feast. With a phenomenal 70s groove, flawless production and full-bodied instrumentation, brimming with superb percussion, violins, piano and fabulous horns, not to mention the bewitching funky vocals of Jasmine singing the politically-charged lyrics, this song is as close to retro funk perfection as you can get.

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