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Melissa Bel – “Big Boys Don’t Cry”

Now permanently relocated to the UK, this Canadian songstress was born in Toronto and has been singing her whole life. She grew up listening to soul and classic rock and feels inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Christina Aguilera. Their influence is reflected in her musical style, which is soulful, jazzy pop all covered in layers of vintage charm.

Her latest single is an exciting slice of upbeat retro pop, dipped in classic 60s doo-wop. A thrilling beat, lively sax and luscious harmonies set the stage for Melissa‘s sweet-sounding, energetic vocals. Meant to cheer you up after a breakup, this song is certainly catchy and uplifting and with its fun-filled, cheery groove, you cannot help but feel better after a broken heart.

From her EP “In The Light” (2016):

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