In The Spotlight

LAHN – “Who Needs Tomorrow”

Giel van der Laan, better known under his stage name LAHN, is a Dutch producer, artist and musician, who started his career as a drummer. Although he played in several bands, he found he’d rather focus on producing music first and learning to play several instruments. While working for other artists, he released his solo debut album in 2016, called “These Roads”, which is diverse, electronic pop.

His new single is fun-loving, chirpy pop, which is really easy on your ears. A playful whistle, perky acoustic and electric guitar and a buoyant, rather catchy beat give a sunny, effervescent vibe to the song. His lively, cheerful vocals have an unexpected layer of grit, which seems to marry seamlessly with the lightheartness of this good-natured, happy-sounding song.

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