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Sonia Stein – “Do You Love Me”

Born in Berlin, this globetrotting singer/songwriter has also lived in Warsaw, New York and Boston, but is now residing in Shoreditch, East-London. She started writing her own songs at 15 and grew into an impassioned, emotional story-teller. She released her debut EP “Symbol” back in 2014 and is currently opening for power songstress BETSY.

Her latest single is a sophisticated electro-pop song, dipped in some smooth 80s magic. Lyrically focusing on romantic insecurities and doubt, her vocals are emotive and sumptuous and by adding funky 80s-dipped synth action and a catchy beat, it has a bewitching and infectious vibe which, despite the heavier subject matter, makes this track feel uplifting and bright.

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