In The Spotlight

The Great Escape – “Season Of Love”

Malte Hagemeister, Kristian Nord and Ingrid Andersson make up this band from Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Their style is eclectic, raw and stunningly unpredictable. It’s indie pop, but they’re spanning the genres by drizzling rock, jazz, R&B and boogie woogie over it. Their latest album “Universe In Bloom” shows off that unique and infectious pop sound, based on retro melodies, yet sounding incredibly fresh.

Their yuletide single has all the makings of a Christmas classic. A happy rhythm, a glockenspiel and oodles of jingling bells set the winter wonderland for a message of compassion and goodwill, as the proceeds are donated to the St. Joseph Center in Venice Beach, which is a non-profit who provides hot meals, housing and much more to the homeless. So, bring on the holiday cheer for all!

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