In The Spotlight

Nona – “It’s Alright”

The origin of this Dutch songbird’s love of music can be found in her ancestral home, where she was constantly surrounded by a wide range of musical influences. Although being in her early 20s, she is blessed with a raw, passionate and soulful vocal proficiency, which usually develops with age. She’s played live as much as she could, from busking to festivals, while she worked on her debut.

In 2003 Amy Winehouse changed the music scene forever with her vintage soul sound and now Nona adds her own heartwarming zeal and starts that process all over again. Her latest single gives retro-soul a touch of blues with a warm beat and electro-guitars, ultimately bursting out in a spirited chorus, all capped by her intense soul-soaked voice which makes this song sound way more than alright.

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Music History

Annie Lennox – “Shining Light”

From her album “The Annie Lennox Collection” (2009):

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New Music

Parcels – “Lightenup”

From their debut album “Parcels”, to be released on 12 October 2018:

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