In The Spotlight

Acantha Lang – “SugarWoman”

Born and raised in the musical hotspot of New Orleans, this songstress grew up surrounded by Blues and Soul. Carrying her melodic heritage, she moved to New York and performed at iconic venues like The Harlem Grill. Next she moved to London, UK, to hone her charismatic tonality. Inspired by legends like Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, she developed a distinctive Blues and Soul sound.

The silky-smooth groove which is her latest single gently strokes your eardrums straight from the first note. The laid-back beat and mellow guitar plucks give an easygoing vibe, while some vintage-touched, breezy brass adds an uplifting aesthetic to this gorgeous sip of saturated Soul. With her intimate and lavishly sparkling vocals fondling the senses, this honeyed jam feels like a warm embrace.

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