In The Spotlight

Sahara Beck – “Here We Go Again”

This Australian singer and songwriter from Brisbane started working on developing her career in music when she was a mere 11 years old . A year later she had written her first song, which was followed by her debut album “Volume One” at 14. Honing her unique, art-pop sound and electrifying, alluring  voice, she played festivals like The Falls and Bluefest and is a Queensland Music Award winner.

The tranquil choral harmony at the start of her latest single is a mere tease, as this song soon turns out to have quite a kick. A pulsating rhythm, which you can feel resonating in your stomach, punchy piano and slick strings form an imposing soundscape, while her raw vocal acrobatics, which still maintain a seductive quality, add a rugged punchiness to this pounding piece of pop power.

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Music History

Midnight Star – “Snake In The Grass”

From their album “Midnight Star” (1988):

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New Music

Jennie Lena – “Shine”

This is the new single by Dutch powerhouse songstress Jennie Lena:

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