In The Spotlight

Tristan – “I Left My Jacket In The Van”

With ground-breaking arrangements giving their 70s-styled acid-jazz sound a contemporary twist, this Dutch quintet has found the perfect aural balance. Influenced by bands like Tower Of Power and Incognito, they use classic analog instrumentation, as well as up-to-date synths to add an energetic freshness to the warmth of the 70s vibes. They debuted with their album “Full Power” in 2014.

Taken from their upcoming fifth album “The Spice Of Five”, to be released on April 5th, their new single is an exhilarating fusion of acid jazz, soul and funk. Instantly kicking off with a lively, pulsating funky rhythm and vintage Hammond organ, it’s Evelyn Kallansee’s soul-dipped vocals singing the cheeky lyrics and the Manhattan Transfer-like harmonies which put the fun in funkalicious.

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