In The Spotlight

Jak Lizard – “Somebody Like Me”

Growing up in a household with parents and siblings all favoring their own music, this New York-based singer and songwriter was engulfed with a multitude of genres, ranging from Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan to Outkast and Common. As part of the music collective 99SUBLIME he’s worked with a slew of inspiring artists. He debuted his soulful, nostalgic mixture with his single “Sisters” in 2018.

Dipping old-school R&B and sunlit soul into cheerful, summery vibes, his new single is bursting with upbeat indulgence. Taken from his latest EP “Humphrey” and featuring the musicality of Brasstracks, this chirpy tune is bobbing along on its rosy sonic waves. Championing self-acceptance in a pressured world, it’s the jaunty keys and perky horns that make this groove sound irresistibly fun.

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