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Abigail Barlow – “Where’s That Girl”

With a musical prowess beyond her youthful years, this American songstress grew up on music, listening to her piano playing dad. It wasn’t long before she was playing herself and had immersed herself in records ranging from Elton John to Alessia Cara. Although a victim of relentless bullying, she never gave up on her ambition. Now based in Los Angeles, she debuted with “After The Party” in 2017.

Narrating a tumultuous relationship with musical vigor and lyrical empowerment, her new single is a sonic sparkler. With a soft piano and the sound of a voicemail laying the foundation, her emotive voice starts telling the tale of romantic neglect. Putting all of her fire into the chorus, it explodes with Katy Perry-like dynamism and makes this love story a rousing and impassioned pop jam.

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Music History

Daniel Powter – “Free Loop”

From his album “DP” (2005):

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New Music

Joss Stone – “Walk With Me”

Sending a message of love in a tough world and wrapping it in a gospel coat, this is the new single by Joss Stone:

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