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Tibi & The Otters – “I Don’t Know”

Based in Budapest, this Hungarian threesome of soulful funkateers was born from the local Open Mic scene, bringing together Tibi Vesselényi, Jeff Joyner and Lancelot du Lac in 2018. Influenced by the likes of Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder and Jacob Collier, they’ve created their own rocket ship of otteriffic auditory adventures. Often joined by other artists, they’re ready for their next sonic phase.

Although their debut single sounds simple at first glance, it’s anything but. Starting with a mild, gospel organ, smooth soul-dripping vocals and chirpy birds, it skillfully builds layer upon layer of musical magic. Adding some world music touches and dulcet African chants makes this a delectable melting-pot of sounds and styles, weaving them together in an alluring amalgam of audible delights.

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Music History

Betty Wright – “Everybody Was Rockin'”

From her album “Danger High Voltage” (1974):

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New Music

Roosevelt – “Strangers”

From his upcoming album “POLYDANS”, to be released on 26 February 2021:

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