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Runaway June – “Christmas On The Radio”

Going back to the roots of country and adding a touch of bluegrass for good measure, these three songbirds have set the music scene on fire. Although Naomi Cooke, Jennifer Wayne and Natalie Stovall all had very different backgrounds, they were all enamored with country music. They’ve debuted with “Buy My Own Drinks” in 2018 and opened for the likes of Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood.

Bring on the jingle bells and the jaunty fiddle and add a jolly twang, ’cause their new single is a festive country ditty that is pretty addictive. Taken from their EP “When I Think About Christmas”, it is brimming with anticipation and the smell of freshly baked gingerbread. Dancing around the room with Christmas music on the radio, this merry song is made of candy canes and Christmas cheer.

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Music History

Billy Ocean – “Red Light”

From his album “Billy Ocean” (1976):

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New Music

Sofia Carson – “Hold On To Me”

With an early Christmas present of hope, wrapped in pop tinsel, this is the new single by Sofia Carson:

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