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Captain Kidd – “Somebody Else”

Originally named Dyslexic Turtle, this energetic duo from Columbus, Ohio is the latest incarnation of this bands line-up. Co-founded by lead singer Nate Baumgard and school friend Eric Blaha, the initial line-up was a quartet, which debuted with “Freaky Love” in 2013. Influenced by The Beatles and Pink Floyd, Nate is joined by keyboardist and guitarist Kyle Kanzigg to complete the current line-up.

By letting a shimmering electronic soundscape slowly engulf you, their new single entices your ears in to hear their lyrical tale about dealing with imposter syndrome. Though the production feels contemporary and fresh, it’s the neon-touched, atmospheric synths, which give it a retro feel and yet ride effortlessly on the techno beats. Dreamy, mesmeric and catchy, this is a worthy earworm.

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Music History

Shakatak – “Turn The Music Up”

From their album “Turn The Music Up” (1989):

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New Music

Why Don’t We – “Slow Down”

From their upcoming album “The Good Times And The Bad Ones”, to be released on 15 January 2021:

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