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Ida Fiona – “Off Switch”

Originally from Norway, but now based in Sweden, this pastel-dipped singer and songwriter creates relatable lyrics with topics ranging from love to mental health. Inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, Troye Sivan and Julia Michaels, she finds the balance between authentic lyrics and her playful pop world. She debuted her 80s-themed, glittery synth-pop sound with “FOMO” earlier this year.

Setting foot into a neon-flickering, retro soundscape, it’s the bewitching synths which draw you into the crevices of her second single. When you reach the infectious chorus, bursting with upbeat electronic magic, you’re hooked. Wrapping intense lyrics in a blanket of synth-driven sparkles, she marries real-life angst with buoyant 80s vivacity and creates a tune you don’t want to switch off.

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Music History

Traveling Wilburys – “Wilbury Twist”

From their album “Traveling Wilburys Vol.3” (1990):

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New Music

Rozalla – “I Feel It Slipping Away”

Effortlessly blending a 90s beat with 70s disco, this is the new, Lamont Dozier-penned, single by Rozalla:

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