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Alice Ray – “Why Is It We Fight Like This?”

Hailing from the serene countryside of Norfolk, but now based in the hustle & bustle of London, this British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has an impressive talent for genuine storytelling. With influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Elton John and Joni Mitchell to Stevie Nicks, she debuted her poignant lyrics and lush, vintage-touched instrumentation with “I See You” earlier this year.

Painting an auditory picture, note for note, her new single is an instant work of art. Taken from her EP “Lost In The Dark”, which is released today, she brushes on a vintage shade from the organ and a tinge of modernity from the electric guitar, all infused with the hues of the galvanic drums. But it’s the bewitching quality of her sugary-sweet vocals that make this jam sound absolutely extraordinary.

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Music History

Babyface – “My Kinda Girl”

From his album “Tender Lover” (1989):

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New Music

LAUREL – “Appetite”

From her EP “Petrol Bloom” (2020):

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