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Devan – “We’re All Gonna Die Anyway”

Toronto-born and London-raised, this enchanting singer and songwriter has been pursuing a music career since she was a kid. As a brazen 10 year old she dropped off a demo at the legendary Olympic Studios, home to Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder. Blending the genius of her heroes, like Amy Winehouse’s vocal production and Stevie Nicks’ poeticism, she debuted with “Real Shot” in 2020.

Turning down her brazen fire onto a slow burner, her third offering conceives a velveteen, jazzy atmosphere. Mellow guitars and a mild rhythm are the vehicle for her spellbinding vocals, recalling the, climate crisis-inspired, fact that life is short and we shouldn’t let social barriers stop us from telling people how we feel. Mesmerizing, charming and seductive, you want this jam to live forever.

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Music History

The Brothers Johnson – “The Real Thing”

From their album “Winners” (1981):

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New Music

Dree Mon – “Love Me At My Best”

With a reverberating dance beat and sheer sonic exuberance, this is the new single by Dree Mon:

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