In The Spotlight

Boris René – “What The Funk”

This Congolese-born Swedish former footballer grew up in a Michael Jackson-loving family. Although he initially chose a career in sports – becoming a defender with several Swedish league clubs – he decided to further his musical passion, aged 20. He released his debut single “Alive” in 2013 and also competed in the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Songcontest in 2016 and 2017.

Drenched in some sprightly, old skool vibes, his new single is an electrifying, funkalicious party in your ears. With a bracing bass line, an infectious beat and the vitalizing synths pulling you onto the dancefloor, it’s his effervescent, soulful vocals, actually referencing Michael Jackson in the lyrics, that make this a high-spirited, upbeat, funkadelic groove, you just have to moonwalk to.

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