In The Spotlight

Ogi – “Envy”

Born and raised in Wisconsin, this Nigerian-American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist grew up playing viola and singing in a jazz choir. She went on to experiment with piano and guitar and performed in an acapella group at University. Now Los Angeles-based and inspired by Mary Mary, Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone, she debuted her own soulful sound on “I Got It” last month.

Described by her as a persona love letter to haters in her life, her sophomore single makes a lyrical statement and wraps it in warm, opulent nostalgia. With smooth vibes blending classic soul with a touch of mellow jazz, it’s the gentle piano, soft percussion and soothing harmonies that create an ear-stroking melody. And with her feathery vocals, this luscious tune will have you lusting for more.

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