In The Spotlight

noelle – “Stupid”

Raised on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, this Canadian singer and songwriter started singing as soon as she could talk. Grown up on an eclectic range of music from Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan to the sounds of her indigenous roots, she began releasing songs on YouTube from the age of 8. Blending pop, R&B and jazz influences, she debuted with her single “Never Forget You” in 2020.

Inspired by a long distance relationship that didn’t survive the miles, her new single is a heartfelt and moving ballad. Keeping it simple with an acoustic piano and her stunning vocals, she tells her story with a refreshing authenticity and vulnerability. Enriching the soft soundscape with rich, mellow strings and silken harmonies, this impressive slice of honest, vintage-dipped pop is absolutely breathtaking.

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Music History

Hall & Oates – “Your Imagination”

From their album “Private Eyes” (1981):

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New Music

Ashe – “Another Man’s Jeans”

Radiating a happy-go-lucky vibe from the sunlit country-pop blend, this is the new single by songbird Ashe:

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