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Cristóvam – “Golden Days”

Born in warm sunlight of the Azores Islands of Portugal, this authentic singer and songwriter grew up surrounded by music. His grandfather was a true radio pioneer, who left a massive record collection. Immersed in the music by Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Supertramp, his passion grew. Inspired by organic songwriters like Ray Lamontagne and Bob Dylan, he debuted with “Walk In The Rain” in 2016.

Recollecting an easy-going, youthful spontaneity, his new single is emitting airy, sunlit hues. Proving that you don’t need much to create something of pure beauty, at first it’s just fresh, acoustic guitars and his comforting vocals that relay the nostalgic story. They’re later joined by a slightly more upbeat vibe from the mellow drums, encapsulating both yore and the springtime promise of things to come.

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Music History

Five Star – “Stay Out Of My Life”

From their album “Silk & Steel” (1986):

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New Music

Michael Bublé – “Higher”

From his upcoming album “Higher”, to be released on 25 March 2022:

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