In The Spotlight

Otis Kane – “Wanna Love You”

Born as Anthony Vasquez and raised in Los Angeles, this singer, songwriter and musician began singing Brian McKnight and Boyz II Men songs in school. After a year as a music major, he went to work with music legend Nellee Hooper and Lolene. He’s opened his own studio named STRZ Enterprises and worked with many musical super-stars. He debuted with “Dreams Of Letting Go” in 2019.

Sounding like he dug through a vault filled with dust-covered soul which time erroneously forgot, his new single is an ear-stroking, buttery smooth groove. From the mellow guitars, bouncy rhythm and glowing synths to his vintage-touched and honey-dipped vocals, the sonic elements meld together into a velvety soul ballad, with a wealth of added oomph, that you just can’t help but love.

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Music History

Incognito – “Everyday”

From their album “100° And Rising” (1995):

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New Music

OneRepublic – “West Coast”

With a sunlit funk-pop sparkle and enriched with a divine gospel choir, this is the new single by OneRepublic:

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