In The Spotlight

Maple St. – “Love Me Less”

Based in L.A., Alyssa Wilkens and Jillian Allen are a real life couple who found each other in music and in love. They met at 16 and started creating music together. After many years of experimentation and letting their sound mature, they’re ready to take on the world. Inspired by bands like Bleachers and A R I Z O N A, they debuted their nostalgic and quirky sound on “Holes In My Shoes” in 2019.

Taking a delicious trip back to the glorious 80s, the new single by this neon duo is a vibrant, electronic groove, splashed in colorful pastels. With an infectious bass, sparkling synths and a catchy hook worming its way into your ears, it’s an open invitation to dance. And with the refreshing, retro-dipped vocals shining a light on the reality of relationships, you can only love this tune more.

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