In The Spotlight

Don Bryant – “Your Love Is To Blame”

With an awe-inspiring career spanning six decades, this prolific singer and songwriter was present at the birth of Memphis soul. Initially the front man of The Four Kings, in the early 60s he became a staff songwriter at Hi Records, writing 154 titles. In the 70s he wrote several songs for his wife Ann Peebles, like the 1973 hit “I Can’t Stand The Rain”. In the 80s and 90s he returned to his gospel roots.

Taken from his upcoming album “You Make Me Feel”, expected on May 8th and sounding like it’s a Stax, Motown or Hi Records revival, his new single harkens back to the glory days of Memphis soul. With bustling percussion, spirited horns and rousing wah-wah guitars marking the buoyant classic melody, it’s his mighty, soul-infused vocal artistry that makes this vintage groove sound full of life.

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