In The Spotlight

Vetta Borne – “Girls”

Born into a Filipino family in Melbourne, Maribelle Añes grew up surrounded by classic rock, pop and 90s R&B. She started off uploading songs to YouTube, when one of those songs went viral. This led to her joining the Bali Songwriting Invitational, a camp for the best songwriters in the world. Successfully transitioning into the limelight as Maribelle, she released her debut EP “Overtake” in 2016.

Ready for a new adventure, she introduced her thrilling new, musical project in 2019. Her third single kicks off with an infectious beat that grabs your ears immediately. Fusing R&B and pop with a catchy funky vein, she melds sassy synths and vivid guitars with a lush bassline and sumptuous vocals. And with an insatiable hook worming its way into your heart, this sweet groove is an utter gem!

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