In The Spotlight

Sharon Little – “Star Crossed Lovers”

Born in Pennsylvania, this singer and songwriter started writing music aged 16. After meeting Grammy-winning songwriter Scot Sax in 2006, she released her debut album “Perfect Time For A Breakdown”. Two years later she worked with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss and toured with Chris Isaak and Pat Benatar. Her songs have also been featured in TV series such as CSI:NY and Sons Of Anarchy.

Giving an emotional pop ballad a touch of country, her new single has a retro 80s vibe. Taken from her upcoming EP “Another Galaxy”, expected to drop on January 22 2021, it starts with a breezy mild rhythm and smooth guitars, but with the addition of vintage synths it ascends to an aural crescendo. And with her impassioned vocals telling the doomed love story, this jam is deliciously fiery.

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Music History

The Fratellis – “A Heady Tale”

From their album “Here We Stand” (2008):

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New Music

Jasmine Kara – “Cash Is Queen”

Brimming with pure funkadelic attitude, this is the new single by Swedish songbird Jasmine Kara:

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