In The Spotlight

Karen Hardy – “Never Do”

Hailing from New Jersey, this singer and songwriter grew up with two special needs brothers and, being a shy child herself, she explored music as a way to connect and communicate with others. She left high school aged 16 to pursue her musical dream and moved to Nashville. Compared to greats like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande, she debuted her smooth, vibrant sound on “Nobody” in 2019.

Refreshing and lively, while being honey sweet at the same time, her new single celebrates the best of R&B. Enchantingly sunny from the first note, it’s the easygoing rhythm, sparkling keys and her clever use of strings that makes the melody stroke your eardrums. And with her effortless and dazzling vocals completing this delicious tune, she brings a few minutes of summer into our lives.

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Music History

Paul Hardcastle – “Foolin’ Yourself”

Introducing the soulful vocals of Kevin Henry, this was a 1986 non-album single by Paul Hardcastle:

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New Music

MARINA – “Man’s World”

With an imposing, anthemic and ethereal pop power, this is the new single by Marina Diamandis:

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