In The Spotlight

ML Moseley – “El Dorado”

Based in Atlanta, this powerhouse singer and songwriter has been loving music since she was young. Inspired by her musical grandmother, she started singing lessons at 6, ultimately becoming a classically trained vocalist. Over time her interests transitioned to a more contemporary R&B/pop sound. Showcasing her extensive vocal range, she released her debut single “Thin White Line” in 2020.

Tackling the effects of toxic masculinity in the world, her new single fuses a melancholic melody with sultry, yet powerful vocals. With the mellow electric guitars nimbly dancing over the tune and the captivating beat being felt reverberating in your stomach, it’s her astonishing vocal abilities that truly enchant your ears. Genuine, emotive and phenomenal, this jam is glittering with golden tones.

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In Memoriam

Uriah Heep – “Love Or Nothing”

John Lawton, former front man of Uriah Heep, passed away on 29 June 2021, aged 74.

From their album “Fallen Angel” (1978):

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New Music

Maisie Peters – “Psycho”

From her upcoming debut album “You Signed Up For This”, to be released on 27 August 2021:

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