In The Spotlight

Julia Shuren – “Losing My Perfection”

This singer and pianist caught the music bug aged 7, when she taught herself to play piano by ear, focused on jazz. Despite those first steps, she grew up playing competitive sports. Having already made her mark as a songwriter, she’s currently attending NYU Steinhardt studying Music Theory and Composition. Inspired by Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell, she forges a R&B, soul, jazz and gospel blend.

After writing for and collaborating with other artists, such as Italian duo WAMI, she’s now ready to launch her solo sound into the world. Her debut single shows her incredible songwriting prowess with style and grace. With a funky bass, soulful vibes and jazzy vocals it is a luscious amalgam of diverse elements. With a vintage feel and an earstroking melody, this jam is close to perfection.

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In Memoriam

ZZ Top – “Stages”

Last Wednesday Dusty Hill, bassist and second vocalist of the band ZZ Top, passed away, aged 72.

From their album “Afterburner” (1986):

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New Music

NOA – “Slow”

From her EP “Honeymoon” (2021):

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