In The Spotlight

Dani Kristina – “Gambler”

Born and raised around Toronto, this Canadian singer and songwriter spent her whole life experimenting with wide-ranging styles in order to curate her own unique pop sound. She’s trained as a classical pianist and vocalist and has written over 600 songs as a teenager. Inspired by the retro-pop sounds of Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella and Halsey, she released her debut single “I Wanna Belong” in 2019.

Dipping her toe in neon disco-pop vibes, her new single is pure energy, generated by a slew of various influences. With an invigorating 80s beat and scintillating vintage synths taking you back to the era of the Rubik’s Cube and shoulder pads, it narrates the true lyrical story of a failed relationship when one person is more invested in the other and makes this a tune you want to take a gamble on.

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Music History

Elton John – “Heartache All Over The World”

From his album “Leather Jackets” (1986):

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New Music

Maia Wright – “Do Yourself A Favor”

Giving this infectious summery bop a cool retro edge, this is the new single by Swedish songstress Maia Wright:

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