In The Spotlight

Devan – “Without You”

Born in Toronto, this Canadian singer and songwriter spent her early childhood in London, immersed in the rich, British cultural scene. She began to play guitar and dreams of a musical future emerged. Back in Canada she started performing live, both solo and as a member of the band Wild Rivers. Inspired by varied artists like Billie Eilish and Fleetwood Mac, she debuted with “Almost” in 2020.

Wrapping her personal lyrics about an ex that tries to win her back now her dreams are coming true in a warm and elegant pop blanket, her new single is radiating a wealth of charm and style. Initially keeping it simple with a gentle guitar and her sumptuous vocals, the song soon comes to live with a beefy rhythm. Giving modern production a slight retro edge, this luscious jam is utterly spellbinding.

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Music History

Joe Jackson – “Stranger Than Fiction”

From his album “Laughter & Lust” (1991):

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New Music

Lola Lennox – “Love Like That”

Shining bright with a cheeky summertime pop bop, this is the new single by British songstress Lola Lennox:

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