In The Spotlight

Chase Zera – “Supernova”

Born as Ebony Morrison, this high-energy Australian singer, songwriter and musician has been performing since she was young. She’s spent the first 14 years of her life as a gymnast, which flowed naturally into dancing. She attended the Australian Institute of Music and the Ableton Live School honing her craft. Inspired by Lady Gaga, Kylie and Jamiroquai, she released her debut “Clovers” in 2019.

Known for her joyous, synth-driven pop, dance, funk and electro blend, her new single brings out the glitterball and the brightly lit dancefloor for some delicious disco. Starting with a 70s, Giorgio Moroder-style synth sparkle, the track ascends into a burst of 80s neon disco-pop. Managing to keep the vintage elements current with a modern production, this groove is a shiny sonic sensation.

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Music History

Nils Lofgren – “Secrets In The Street”

From his album “Flip” (1985):

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New Music

Emma Stevens – “The Cappuccino Song”

From her album “Light Year” (2021):

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