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Port Cities – “Parachute”

Hailing from Halifax, this Canadian duo consisting of Dylan Guthro and Carleton Stone has been making music since 2011, when they met at Gorgie Sampson Song Camp. Despite all having solo careers, they formed the band as a trio with Breagh MacKinnon in 2015 and debuted with “On The Nights You Stay Home” in 2017. After Breagh left in 2019, they continued their rich folk-rock sound together.

Having created the song remotely during the Covid pandemic in 2020, their new single breathes a feel-good vibe. They enveloped their positive message that life is unpredictable, so that it’s better to do the things you love, in neon-lit 80s synth-pop hues, while still incorporating tones of retro-touched folk-rock. With a bouncy beat and joyful exuberance, this is an upbeat free fall of sonic fun.

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Music History

Kate Bush – “Them Heavy People”

From her album “The Kick Inside” (1978):

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New Music

John Mayer – “Wild Blue”

From his album “Sob Rock” (2021):

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