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Teddy Bee – “Justin And Hailey”

Formerly known as BÉE, this Dutch singer and songwriter grew up in a creative family. Her mother is a TV producer and her father a successful songwriter. With influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber and working with producer Jake Gosling, she created her own sound. After lending her voice to DJ Jochen Miller’s “Fingerprints” in 2017, she debuted solo on “See You In A Bit” in 2019.

Introducing her new moniker by singing a song about desiring a romantic ideal and comparing it to Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin, her new single blends acoustic pop with R&B touches. Keeping it delectably simple, she adds a mellow rhythm to a warm acoustic guitar and perky fingersnaps. And with the satiny tones of her enchanting vocals, this is an ear-pleasing ode to love.

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Music History

Journey – “Just The Same Way”

From their album “Evolution” (1979):

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New Music

Iris Gold – “Girl Pick Up Your Drum”

Filled with sonic attitude and her fresh ‘hippie-hop’ sound, this is the new single by songstress Iris Gold:

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