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Beryl Anne – “Thirty-Three Times”

Based in Rotterdam and focused around front woman Anne den Boer, this Dutch band likes to offer a brief musical escape from reality. Anne has been drawn to music since she got enamored with the violin aged 3, later adding piano and guitar. She’s influenced by Madonna and The Pointer Sisters, as well as The Fleet Foxes. They debuted their 80s-touched pop sound with “All We Know” in 2019.

Representing the sum of the numbers in Anne’s birth date, their new single takes a synth-driven trip to the 80s. Taken from their upcoming EP “Paper Walls”, expected to drop next year, the track starts with a simple synth run, before intricate layering of pastel-colored keys and punchy drums weaves a retro sonic tapestry. And with her bubbly vocals, you’ll listen to this more than 33 times.

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Music History

Michael Jackson – “Love Never Felt So Good”

From his album “Xscape” (2014):

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New Music

GRACEY – “What A Waste”

From her upcoming EP “Fragile”, to be released on 15 October 2021:

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