In The Spotlight

Taura Lamb – “No Comparison”

Born in the Midlands, this British singer, songwriter and producer traveled to London to study music at Goldsmiths. Discovering an affinity for music production and honing her skills as a writer, she landed a credit on “Tied Up” by The Magician and Julian Perretta. Drawing inspiration from Sabrina Claudio, Mahalia and Ayelle, she debuted her unique R&B sound on the single “Good Summer” in 2019.

Entering a hazy, easygoing and flirtatious sonic world, her new single is blends a seemingly simple, velvety R&B melody with a touch of soul. Seduced by sleek guitar riffs, mellow percussion and some summery bird tweets, she’s created a natural soundscape for her pristine vocals to enamour your ears. With multi-layered, rich tones and a delightful chill factor, this is an exceptional and pure tune.

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Music History

Phil Collins – “Wear My Hat”

From his album “Dance Into The Light” (1996):

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New Music

LÉON – “Dancer”

Radiating silky-smooth, vintage-dipped neon warmth, this is the new single by Swedish songstress LÉON:

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