In The Spotlight

Mark Ambor – “The Long Way”

Born as Mark Damboragian, this emerging vocalist and songwriter kept his singing skills a secret throughout his childhood due to a debilitating fear of rejection. He did start taking piano lessons from age 7 and taught himself to play the guitar. After he took the leap, he embraced his music fully. Inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran, James Bay and Coldplay, he released his debut single “Fever” in 2019.

Riding a rollercoaster of romantic emotions, his new single binds an infectiously bouncy melody to heartfelt lyrics. On a full-bodied foundation of galvanic percussion and crisp guitar riffs, his charismatic vocals tell the tale of emotional turmoil when you’re ready to take love to the next level, but the other person is not. Virulent, genuine and high-spirited, this effervescent tune is the way to go.

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Music History

Gin Wigmore – “Oh My”

From her album “Holy Smoke” (2009):

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New Music

Duran Duran – “Tonight United”

From their upcoming album “Future Past”, to be released on 22 October 2021:

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