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Naomi Connell – “Strangers”

Hailing from the Gold Coast, this Australian folk singer and songwriter felt the need to sing every chance she got, while growing up. Listening to the varied sounds of Destiny’s Child, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, she honed her vocal skills and taught herself to play guitar. She debuted with “Draped In Wine” in 2019 and won the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival Busking Championship.

Proving that all you need to create pure musical magic is an acoustic guitar and a bewitching voice, her new single is an intimate, velvety soft ballad. Instantly alluring from the intricate guitar play, she shows her impressive songwriting prowess singing about lovers who become strangers. Wrapped in tender elegance and an emotional vulnerability, this luscious tune is one you want to know.

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Music History

Rod Stewart – “Love Touch”

From his album “Rod Stewart” (1986):

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New Music

Eves Karydas – “Reruns”

From her EP “Reruns” (2021):

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