In The Spotlight

Marble Eyes – “You Can’t Fool Me”

Dubbed the ‘Rock & Roll For The Soul’ supergroup, this quartet fused together members of other bands to bring a burst of positive energy to the pandemic. Consisting of Eric Gould (Pink Talking Fish), Adrian Tramontano (Kung Fu), Mike Carter (The Indobox) and Max Chase (Amulus), they penned over 50 songs together during lockdown. They debuted their retro-rock sound on “Tollbooth” last month.

Adding a funky vibe to invigorating, 70s-inspired rock, their new single certainly gets the blood pumping. Taken from their upcoming debut album “Return To The Roses”, expected on October 21, it’s the unrelenting rhythm and the vintage howl of the electric guitars that packs this jam with pure energy. And with some mighty vocals singing about relationship trust, this is rousing rock at its best.

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Music History

Elle King – “Ex’s & Oh’s”

From her album “Love Stuff” (2015):

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New Music

Cosmo’s Midnight – “Titanic”

Returning with a scintillating funkalicious groove, this is the new single by Australian duo Cosmo’s Midnight:

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